5 Tips for Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

Hey future brides! Today I’m sharing about one of the most exciting parts of the wedding day: getting ready! This is when it all starts to feel REAL… all the vendors start arriving, you’re finishing your hair and makeup, and then you finally put on your wedding dress! AHH!! As exciting as it is, there are definitely a few things to keep in mind so that your photos end up as beautiful as the moments. Here are my top 5 tips for getting beautiful getting ready photos:

  1. Choose a space with a lot of natural light. This means a lot of windows, and BIG windows! If you can choose a space that has a lot of beautiful light pouring in, your photos will look stunning, especially if you chose a natural light photographer (like us). The first thing I do is open all the windows, turn off the lights, and photograph this part of the day with the natural light coming in. Not only will your photographer love it, but so will your makeup artist! 
  2. Ask your bridesmaids to keep the space clean. As your photographer, I will already be looking out for and clearing bags and water bottles, but remind your bridesmaids before the big day to try to keep the space as tidy as possible!! Of course, it’s not a big deal if things get a little messy- but it’s always great to have other people aware that we need a nice clean space (at least by the windows!) and to have some extra helping hands when it comes time to clean up a little! 
  3. Give yourself lots of room. If possible, choose a room where you have plenty of room to spread out. Ideally, you’ll want space to have your mom & bridesmaids “helping” you into your dress for those fun fluffing photos! The more room, the better! If you have options, always go for the bigger space (as long as there is also natural light available! Natural light always trumps space). 
  4. Tell your bridesmaids, mom, and whoever else is helping you get into your dress to be completely ready by the time you are putting on your dress! This is super important because they’ll be in your photos, and they want to look their best too!! Send them all the timeline so they’re completely aware of when to be ready. As a tip, give them some buffer time and tell them to be ready a little sooner than they really need to be so they’re totally ready to go.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time. This will give yourself the time to relax and not rush, as well as give your photographer a chance to take some more creative photos of you getting ready! I typically recommend allowing 45 minutes for details (while getting the final touches of your hair and makeup), then about 45 minutes for putting on your dress (this gives you plenty of buffer time as well, in case you fall behind). Best case scenario? You have time to just have fun with your girls.